KAI Wellness Center

Brings a secure unbiased and welcoming space for males from all walks of life
KAI Wellness Center

KAI Wellness Center understands that therapy isn’t a one size fits all. The process is about building goals that are achievable, realistic, and practical. Together we can can celebrate improvements in healing, understanding and acceptance. Sessions are focused on finding solutions and working with your personal strengths. Therapy is for you and only gets better when we work together.

Men in therapy should focus on by-passing rigid-beliefs. By breaking through the shame associated with mental health treatment, men are able to improve their quality of life. Therapy can allow you to heal while keeping what makes you man.

Find support with

  • Improving your communication skills
  • Living a life without excessive anxiety and worry
  • Getting through life with purpose and worth
  • Establishing and maintaining healthy relationships




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